Hi, autumn

The temperature was an autumn-like 70 degrees today in Chicago, which is fitting because September 1 is the meteorological first day of autumn! Here we are! 

So let's recap 2017 in the Chicagoland area so far:


These are the high and low temperature (and running means) recorded every day at Chicago O'Hare Int'l airport since January 1. The theme of the first 3 seasons in 2017 is: very warm winter, chaotic (and wet!) spring, and very mild summer. Let's break it down:

Since January 1, 55% of the daytime highs have been above average, and 63% of the nighttime lows have been above average. This is consistent with global warming. Overall, the year is averaging 2.85 degrees Fahrenheit above average. 

precip_chi_2017 copy.png

January and February were very warm. 

January averaged about 4 degrees above average, but February was one for the record books, with average temperatures 10 degrees above average. Because of the warm temps, a lot of precipitation fell in rain during January and February making the first two months of 2017 unusually wet.

But March was chilly, with snow.

We didn't get snow until March, when about 10" of snow fell on the Chicagoland area.

But April was warm. And very wet.

The thermometer edged above 80 twice in April and a lot of rain fell, especially toward the end of the month.  Temperatures were about 4-5 degrees above average.

May was cold, June was hot and the summer was seasonably mild (and nobody is complaining about that!)

May was unusually chilly, and those of us spending our first spring in Chicago were left wondering: "WHEN DOES SUMMER START???"

Well, summer started with a bang in mid-June with a string of 90+ degrees days. But the hot spell was not to last. Most of the summer was seasonably mild, and - might I say - quite pleasant. July and August temperatures were pretty close to normal. And, heavy rain in July gave way to a very dry August.

Projections are for a warm autumn and a ___????___ winter. Fingers crossed? :)



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