SNOW in Chicago!

The first snowstorm of 2017 (!! CRAZY RIGHT?!) for Chitown will commence tonight around midnight. Currently the low levels are saturating as a shield of moisture overspreads the greater Chicagoland area. The dendritic growth zone (DGZ) is deepening as a surface low approaches the region from the southeast. You can see the dynamic situation at midnight tonight here:

For the last 6 hours or so, the deepening moisture level, evident in the meteorological data (see below) has gradually saturated the low levels; fog is now spreading across the region (evident by the Dew Point temp approaching the air temp). This, plus a deep DGZ is creating a good environment for snow to fall. Unfortunately, some of the upper-level forcing will diminish through the day on Monday so most of the heavier snow will fall tomorrow (Monday morning) before tapering to showers later in the day.

But here is the current radar imagery showing the shield of snow spread eastward:


The current model projections have Chicago receiving about 2-4" of snowfall from the main energy transiting the region tomorrow. Some more snow may fall via lake effect forcing Monday night and Tuesday. Total snowfall amounts may be in the 3-6" range when all is said and done:

The big story with this storm is the havoc it will wreak on the east coast on Tuesday. But that post is coming tomorrow!!


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