How Cold is it REALLY in Chicago?

This is a quick one.

So, today is the first cold day in Chicago since I arrived on Jan 11. It's 25 and I'm dying:

But everyone keeps saying "oh you ain't seen nothing. CHICAGO IS LIKE 40 BELOW ALL WINTER!" ... So, as a scientist, I decided to check on this hyperbole. It turns out, the all-time low is -26. However, The temperature has only been below -20 13 times since 1880. And the last time was in 1984. The temperature has only been below -15 once since 1994. Turns out, that was in 2014.

So what I'm saying is... 2014 SCARRED EVERYONE FOR LIFE here in Chicago.

(2014 was legitimately cold, yes)

Keep on being hyperbolic, Chicagoans. I can't wait to debate "the unbearably oppressive 90% humidity in the summer" with you. :)


x Mick

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