March Rains Bring...

....bring hopefully more March rains. And April rains. And May rains. Because, we need rain.

The jet stream across the Pacific has decided to stop being a dick and allow some storms to pummel California for the next week or two with heavy rains, wind and a bunch of snow. Here's a gif showing 3 major storms set to deliver much-needed rain to the thirsty state:

I just wanna know when it's gonna rain, Mike

For the Los Angeles / OC area: The first storm is set to bring between 0.25 and 0.75" of rain Sunday morning, with the heaviest rain coming between 4 and 10am. This storm will be driven by upper-level jet dynamics, and could be accompanied by some relatively strong surface winds, especially behind the front.

You won't need to wait long for the second storm. Fresh on the heels of Storm #1, Storm #2 will drive through the region just in time for the Monday morning commute - with potentially heavy rain falling right around 6am. This storm looks poised to deliver about 0.5 to 1.5" of rain to the metro area. This storm will be accompanied by much colder upper-level air and this could drop snow levels down to 4,000' feet, especially in northern areas of the county. There is also the chance of a thunderstorm late Monday morning.

For both storms, the south-facing hillside will see amounts possibly in excess of 3"

Model agreement has been really good for both storms, with all models nearly in sync with predicting somewhere in the range of 1.5":

The official NWS forecast is also calling for about 1.5" for the metro region by mid-day Monday:


A dry pattern should set up for Tuesday through Thursday of next week (March 8-10).

While it is a bit far off, the models are also suggesting a third, very potent storm to affect the region Friday night (March 11) through Saturday. I won't go into detail because the storm is still 7 days out and specifics will change significantly.

The combination of these three storms could bring as much as 2.5-3.5" of rain to the metro region during the 10-day period. Good news for the ongoing drought :)

Here's a graphic showing the current model forecast total accumulated precipitation for the next 10-days:

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