"Wet" Winter continues

Your trusted SoCal weather and climate analyst has returned for her last(?) / close to last(?) rain forecast before leaving LA for the much more wintery fields of Chicago.

That said - our unusually "wet" winter continues! Scattered showers today will give way to a steadier rain tonight as a warm subtropical low slides up from the SW into the SoCal bight. All of the models are pretty scattered with what to expect, but the general consensus is on the order of 1/4" of an inch for the coastal plain. NE winds will lower dew points close to sea level and this may evaporate some of the higher altitude rain before it reaches the lower elevations. The showers should persist through much of Thursday morning.

Somewhat scattered clouds on Thursday evening will give way to lowering cloud bases and more ominous rain clouds on Friday before the skies open up for a nice atmospheric river soaking event Friday night. Here's some model imagery showing the plume of moisture nailing southern California late Friday evening:

This heavy (ish) rain event should taper off by Christmas Eve morning, but not until it drops upwards of an inch(!!!!) of rain (and is accompanied by some very heavy winds):

Gusty winds and high rain rates may complicate things for vulnerable hillsides on Friday evening so: STAY TUNED.

x Mick

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